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You provide the space, we provide the high end professional equipment. One of our sound engineers will be present through your whole session, mixing the audio and taking notes for the final edit.


Outsource your editing so you can spend more time on other projects. Our editors use the industry standard tools and software to give your audio a bright and professional sound.

Host and Publish

Your audio needs to live online before it can become a podcast. Let us host your show and handle regular uploads. After that, getting your podcast on iTunes, Google Play, and other pod platforms will make sure your audience can find you.

Access to a Library of Creators

In creating your podcast, you might find you need more than just an audio engineer and an editor. In working with the Bristol Pod Works, you can get access to:

  • Graphic Artists who can design your cover art

  • Copywriters who can help craft your script

  • Musicians to help you bring your intro theme to life

  • Professional Voice Actors who can read any or all of your script

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