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The Pilot Podcast

An enthusiast podcast where hosts review the pilot episode of television shows before determining whether they will continue watching.
Bristol Pod Works was asked to step in and produce a series of episodes in the shows sharp and specific style.

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The Conformance Cast

A business podcast that interviews guests about the developing landscape of scientific laboratory credentialing. 
Bristol Pod Works was contracted to produce the first 4 seasons of this B2B program. BPW also created thematic intro and outro music for these seasons.

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Good Neighbors

An Actual Play podcast featuring voice and stage actors playing out comedy-horror scenarios in a weekly narrative format.

The show features music, sound design, and production provided by Bristol Pod Works.

Good Neighbors was awarded an Audio Verse Award in 2022 for Best New Improvised Production.

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Ending Pending

A long running enthusiast podcast where hosts discuss television shows that were cancelled after one season.
Bristol Pod Works has been working on this show since 2017, contributing content management, production, music, and voice talent to over 180 episodes. BPW also manages the show's bonus content available exclusively through Patreon.

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